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Natural wood!  Wood was a huge trend in the 80s and 90s, and just like fashion trends, it has made a comeback among the interior design world!  Exposed wood isn’t just for farmhomes these days.  But rather, it is a refreshing alternative to all the painted woods we’ve seen for the last several years.

Using natural wood in your home helps make your space look more authentic and unique. The key to doing it right is balancing wood with modern influences as well as and bold and colorful furnishings.  Another option is to use light wood which is a great way to give this comeback trend a modern spin.

If you can’t decide which color wood to use, consider using a variety of wood tones for your furniture and finishes to create an interesting and versatile space.

Inspiration Comes To Life

Wood can be incorporated into your home in a variety of ways, ranging from simple accessories to more committal ways like flooring, stairs and walls. Other alternatives for incorporating wood include doors, countertops, ceiling beams and furniture.  The possibilities are endless no matter how big or how small!

The wood paneled accent wall brings interest and autenticity to this bathroom
A modern take on using natural light wood in your kitchen
Afraid to commit? Wood accent furniture pieces are a great way to incorporate this trend into your home.

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